Don't drink and drive. You might spill.

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the first thing you would do? Go into hiding and launder the money. Grab a beer to celebrate a job well done of course. Carlton Draught, famous for good beer and even better commercials, has an ad that personifies just that in a new piece from the down under.

The thing I love about beer ads is that they’re usually pure entertainment. It’s a chance for a copywriter to play screenwriter and hope for an invitation to the Academy Awards. Of course, the creative must be drawn from the product and fact.

How did they come up with this?

I’m sure started with the drinking-to-celebrate prototype (very relatable concept). But how would you spice it up? Let’s have bankrobbers take their new found wealth into the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course we can’t encourage drinking and driving (celebrate responsibly everyone), so let’s have them run instead. But this isn’t your normal run, this is your normal 80’s action movie car chase – without the car.

The flow and rhythm are fantastic, but unfortunately I feel the ending fell pretty flat. The big climax was just before the ending with the stop in music and walking through the barricade, yet it continued into another prototypical action scene. I understand that it’s already a minute and a half in length, but the joke wasn’t nearly as strong as it’s predecessor.

One question though, how the hell do you run so fast with beer? Please help me avoid embarrassing nights.

Cheers mate, you kids in Clemenger BBDO know how to party.