What is the picture perfect wedding?


Maybe it’s the rise of Instagram or the need to have the same Pinterest-“inspired” wedding as your friends from high school. But, the modern wedding caters to the people who never received an invitation. We capture moments just to share them. And we reframe the stories to show memories that never even happened.

It’s becoming more and more common for photographers to drive your wedding like an editorial-style photoshoot; and your guests are just extras on a set. You’ll find faux-church exits with sparklers or bubbles, parents being asked to recreate a heartfelt moment because the photographer missed it and sometimes a third or fourth first-kiss re-done in better light.

Let’s face it: what makes a picture perfect wedding isn’t what’s captured—it’s what happened.

It could rain at an outdoor ceremony, the flower girl could forget to lift a single pedal or a mushy cake scene could smear your make-up. But it’s those small moments that truly make your big day so memorable.

Take back your wedding. Let’s make your day, all about you.