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Hello, I'm Bryan.

And I'm a photographer. Well I wasn't always a photographer. I picked up my first camera in 2010, back in college, to help me bring my ideas to life while I filled up my advertising portfolio. I didn't have a real clue about what I was doing — apertures, ISOs, shutter speeds were all a foreign language then. I got really lucky and got some decent work out of it.

Since then, I carried a camera everywhere, slowly figuring out what worked for me. That meant experimenting with styles, edits, situations, and camera gear. All that exploration about what worked for me helped me learn a bit more about me. 

I tried everything from full-frame DSLRs with giant lenses, to compact systems with fixed lenses. I experimented with studio equipment and chased the sun for natural light. I studied books about classic photographers and recreated scenes from my favorite Instagrammers. 

My style has developed quite a bit as the years go by. And is likely to continue changing each time I press the shutter. But one thing remains the same – my philosophy and approach to photography.

To me, photography is more than a snapshot of a time or a place. It's a moment forever captured and framed in time. 




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